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Canti Description:

A i New York Times i Notable Book for br br Giacomo Leopardi is Italy s greatest modern poet the first European writer to portray and examine the self in a way that feels familiar to us today A great classical scholar and patriot he explored metaphysical loneliness in entirely original ways Though he died young his influence was enormous and it is no exaggeration to say that all modern poetry not only in Italian derives in some way from his work br br Leopardi s poetry is notoriously difficult to translate and he has been less well known to English language readers than his central significance for his own culture might suggest Now Jonathan Galassi whose translations of Eugenio Montale have been widely acclaimed has produced a strong fresh direct version of this great poet that offers English language readers a new approach to Leopardi Galassi has contributed an informative introduction and notes that provide a sense of Leopardi s sources and ideas This is an essential book for anyone who wants to understand the roots of modern lyric poetry

Rating: 3.39 out of 5

Operette Morali: Essays and Dialogues

Operette Morali: Essays and Dialogues Description:

This series is conceived as a library of bilingual editions of works chosen for their importance to Italian literature and to the international tradition of art and thought Italy has nurtured In each volume an Italian text in an authoritative edition is paired with a new facing page translation supplemented by explanatory notes and a selected bibliography An introduction provides a historical and critical interpretation of the work The scholars preparing these volumes hope through Biblioteca ltaliana to point a straight way to the Italian classics GENERAL EDITOR Louise George ClubbEDITORIAL BOARDPaul J Alpers Vittore BrancaGene Brucker Fredi ChiappelliPhillip W Damon Robert M DurlingGianfranco Folena Lauro MartinesNicolas J Perella

Rating: 3.61 out of 5


Zibaldone Description:

A groundbreaking translation of the epic work of one of the great minds of the nineteenth century br br Giacomo Leopardi was the greatest Italian poet of the nineteenth century and was recognized by readers from Nietzsche to Beckett as one of the towering literary figures in Italian history To many he is the finest Italian poet after Dante Jonathan Galassi s translation of Leopardi s Canti was published by FSG in br br He was also a prodigious scholar of classical literature and philosophy and a voracious reader in numerous ancient and modern languages For most of his writing career he kept an immense notebook known as the Zibaldone or hodge podge as Harold Bloom has called it in which Leopardi put down his original wide ranging radically modern responses to his reading His comments about religion philosophy language history anthropology astronomy literature poetry and love are unprecedented in their brilliance and suggestiveness and the Zibaldone which was only published at the turn of the twentieth century has been recognized as one of the foundational books of modern culture Its plus pages have never been fully translated into English until now when a team under the auspices of Michael Caesar and Franco D Intino of the Leopardi Centre in Birmingham England have spent years producing a lively accurate version This essential book will change our understanding of nineteenth century culture This is an extraordinary epochal publication

Rating: 3.29 out of 5


Thoughts Description:

Still unfinished at the time of his death i Thoughts i now in its first English translation represents Giacomo Leopardi s urgent desire to organize his lifetime s observations of mankind life and the world Written by the greatest Italian poet and thinker of the th century these timeless musings contain immense philosophical and psychological insight Ranging from mankind to nature social order to the individual soul they reveal a man of brilliance struggling to reconcile all that he sees around him

Rating: 3.52 out of 5

Leopardi: Selected Poems

Leopardi: Selected Poems Description:

These translations of the major poems of Giacomo Leopardi render into modern English verse the work of a writer who is widely regarded as the greatest lyric poet in the Italian literary tradition In spite of this reputation and in spite of a number of nineteenth and twentieth century translations Leopardi s poems have never come over into English in such a way as to guarantee their author a recognition comparable to that of other great European Romantic poets br br br By catching something of Leopardi s cadences and tonality in a version that still reads as idiomatic modern English with an occasional Irish or American accent i Leopardi Selected Poems i should win for the Italian poet the wider appreciative audience he deserves His themes are mutability landscape love his attitude one of unflinching realism in the face of unavoidable human loss But the manners of the poems are a unique amalgam of philosophical toughness and the lyrically bittersweet In a way more pure and distilled than most others in the Western tradition these poems are truly what Matthew Arnold asked all poetry to be a criticism of life The translator s aim is to convey something of the profundity and something of the sheer poetic achievement of Leopardi s inestimable i Canti i

Rating: 3.72 out of 5

Dialogue Between Fashion and Death

Dialogue Between Fashion and Death Description:

Leopardi poet and philosopher explores in humorous but savage dialogue the power of fashion and its strange irrationality He also imagines conversations between Hercules and Atlas Nature and an Icelander and the Earth and the Moon as well as producing a simple essay praising the humble bird

Rating: 3.70 out of 5

I Canti e le Operette morali

I Canti e le Operette morali Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.66 out of 5

Tutte le poesie, tutte le prose e lo Zibaldone

Tutte le poesie, tutte le prose e lo Zibaldone Description:

La pi completa raccolta delle opere leopardiane qui disponibile in una edizione curata e annotata da Lucio Felici per la sezione poetica e da Emanuele Trevi per quella della prosa Un autentico monumento letterario che comprende una vastissima e varia produzione i Canti le Operette morali i Pensieri ma anche i Paralipomeni le Poesie varie i Versi e prose puerili le Traduzioni poetiche e i Volgarizzamenti in prosa le Dissertazioni filosofiche i Saggi e Discorsi gli Scritti e frammenti autobiografici i Disegni letterari l Epistolario Poi lo Zibaldone specchio di una straordinaria esperienza umana e intellettuale chiave di lettura insostituibile di tutta l opera leopardiana in cui convergono tra l estate del e l inverno del sondaggi introspettivi capitoli di diario meditazioni filosofiche di folgorante genialit frammenti di compiuta poesia riflessioni sociali e politiche note filologiche e linguistiche analisi di testi antichi e moderni Le opere contenute in questa raccolta dimostrano come Leopardi sia dopo Dante l unico grande autore nella storia della letteratura italiana a riunire in s la fantasia vertiginosa del poeta e la profondit speculativa del filosofo

Rating: 3.67 out of 5

Poesie e prose

Poesie e prose Description:

In due Meridiani riccamente commentati sono raccolte le poesie e le prose di Giacomo Leopardi il massimo poeta del nostro Ottocento e uno dei pi letti e studiati al mondo Il primo volume presenta l intera opera in versi a cura di Mario Andrea Rigoni e con un saggio di Cesare Galimberti

Rating: 3.66 out of 5

Memorie del primo amore

Memorie del primo amore Description:

Un breve incontro una passione che memoria e immagine e il lungo solco che lascia dietro di s nell inesorabile autoanalisi di un ventenne che sarebbe diventato uno dei pi grandi poeti italiani

Rating: 3.33 out of 5