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Much Ado About Nothing

Much Ado About Nothing Description:

In em Much Ado About Nothing em Shakespeare s glittering comedy there wages a merry war between Beatrice and Benedick of lacerating words and caustic wit Their family and friends contrive to spark up love amid their battles and to bring together the two pronounced bachelors in harmony with highly comic results Beatrice s gentle and virtuous cousin Hero is part of the conspiracy and while making this incongruous match she falls in love herself However darker elements lurk in the shadows in the shape of the melancholy villain Don John who threatens to thwart Hero s innocent love and to quash the natural merriment of the court at Messina

Rating: 3.37 out of 5

Broadcasting Happiness: The Science of Spreading Positivity and Creating a Spiral of Success

Broadcasting Happiness: The Science of Spreading Positivity and Creating a Spiral of Success Description:

We are all broadcasters We are constantly broadcasting information to others even if we don t say a word Managers broadcast to their teams during meetings Team members broadcast to clients Clients broadcast to potential clients And the messages we choose to broadcast shape others views of the world br br Our words can move other people from a fear based mindset in which they see obstacles as insurmountable to a positive mindset where they see that change is possible get unstuck and take action What makes the difference is what we choose to broadcast Using scientifically proven communication strategies to ripple out positive change to others we increase their happiness and success at work as well as our own instantly making us more effective leaders br br New research from the fields of positive psychology and neuroscience shows that small shifts to the way we communicate can create big ripple effects on business outcomes including greater accuracy higher productivity greater performance ratings higher sales and lower levels of stress br br Drawing from her experience as a national CBS News anchor a positive psychology researcher and her work with many of the top Fortune companies Michelle Gielan shares the strategies that have created results in i Broadcasting Happiness i br br In this book you ll learn how to choose the right message get through to others especially during moments of high stress build resilience in the midst of challenges and use non verbal communication to your advantage And most important you ll understand why positivity is the most underutilized resource available br br Learn how to br br Lead a conversation or communication with positivity br Rewrite negative debilitating thought patterns and turn them into fuel for resilience and growth for you and your team br Share bad news more effectively to increase future success br Create and sustain a positive culture at work by getting a positive behavior to live beyond you both online and off br br In the midst of challenges such as restructuring low retention and some of the lowest levels of engagement in history creating a positive mindset is only the first step The real key is to find ways to sustain positive change get others to adopt that positivity and to replicate successful patterns of behavior If you want to help your team sell more each quarter changing your story in specific ways is the key Peppered with case studies i Broadcasting Happiness i shows how real companies are using these techniques to improve their cultures and bottom lines br br Learn how to transform how you communicate with others to be more effective at the office and feel more energized each day Change is possible and by incorporating simple communication habits which often take just a couple of minutes a day you can ripple out that positive change to others and create an upward spiral of success

Rating: 3.50 out of 5


Broadcasting Description:

In June in order to train for D Day five Breckland villages were chosen for requisition by the Armed Forces and residents were given less than days to leave their land and homes As one village s school mistress put it The war had taken our husbands and now our homes and way of life was to go br br Real and imaginary villagers who gave up their homes and their land for what would have been described as the war effort appear in this sequence of poems for the Cafe Writers Norfolk commission Poems and original pre requisition photographs of villagers and village life bring to light a significant episode in Norfolk history which has nevertheless been almost entirely forgotten by the subsequent two generations br br Broadcasting is less about remembrance than the way we forget the slow erasure of local customs sayings and memories Just as the bricks and mortar of once loved homes are taken back by the landscape asleep with bramble what s left are glimpses and fragments the smell of russet apples the gritty texture of rabbit picked from the bone the sweet twirl of a folk dance but these only serve to emphasise the sense of absence in these poignant poems which reveal the hidden casualties of a war we thought we knew br br Bloodaxe poet Esther Morgan

Rating: 3.37 out of 5

Dreamcue America: Fun Broadcasting's Dream Upfront Television Transcript

Dreamcue America: Fun Broadcasting's Dream Upfront Television Transcript Description:

What is the American Dream Talk show host Goozman thinks the American Dream is a big joke since it doesn t really exist Bandleader Roxan disagrees and thinks the dream exists in the eye of the beholder Goozman decides to put her crazy claim to the test br br Join them as they attend the DREAM UPFRONT in NYC the programming lineup presentation of FUN BROADCASTING home of the HAPPIEST SHOW on Television Will Goozman get his question answered on how to attain fame fortune and power Or will the evening end up simply becoming a total waste br br For viewers age and older

Rating: 3.43 out of 5

Media Events: The Live Broadcasting of History

Media Events: The Live Broadcasting of History Description:

Constituting a new television genre live broadcasts of historic events have become in effect world rituals high holidays of mass communication Daniel Dayan and Elihu Katz show us that these media events have the potential for transforming societies as they transfix viewers around the globe The authors apply this original thesis to public spectacles such as the Olympic Games Anwar el Sadat s journey to Jerusalem the wedding of Prince Charles and Lady Diana John F Kennedy s funeral the moon landing and Pope John Paul II s visits to Poland They offer a penetrating ethnography of how media events are scripted negotiated performed celebrated shamanized and reviewed Media events they show turn television into an icon but they also give it real power to declare holidays to shape collective memory to integrate and reorganize societies The authors separate these events into three categories contest conquest and coronation Astute borrowings from Max Weber and Emile Durkheim underscore their analysis Into their anthropological framework Dayan and Katz integrate empirical studies of broadcasting and analysis of the aesthetics of television They explore the phenomenon of not being there claiming that the living room celebration of media events is a unique form of ceremonial experience different from but as powerful as the experience of being there They look at the element of tension generated by the unpredictable live unfolding of an event And they discuss the roles of broadcast narrative interpretation and commentary as well as the preplanning of publicity and advertising This book adds an unexpected dimension to studies of journalism andbroadcasting Students scholars and practitioners in mass communication will find it required reading and it will spark interest in the fields of sociology anthropology and political science as well Finally all those who were mesmerized by the Thomas Hill hearings the Gulf War covera

Rating: 3.55 out of 5


Broadcasting Description:

Each article includes br Quick Facts summarizes important facts br Overview briefly introduces duties and responsibilities br History describes the history of the job in relation to the industry or field br The Job describes primary and secondary duties br Requirements discusses high school and post secondary education and training as well as any necessary certification or licensing and personal requirements for success br Exploring offers suggestions on how to gain experience and knowledge in a field before making firm educational and financial commitments br Employers gives an overview of typical places of employment br Starting Out suggests the best ways to land a first job br Advancement presents an expected career path and how to get on it br Earnings lists salary ranges and typical fringe benefits br Work Environment looks at the work conditions and surroundings associated with a certain job br Outlook summarizes the job s potential growth or decline in terms of the general economy and industry projections br For More Information lists organizations that provide career information

Rating: 3.35 out of 5

An Introductory History of British Broadcasting

An Introductory History of British Broadcasting Description:

em An Introductory History of British Broadcasting em is a concise and accessible history of British radio and television It begins with the birth of radio at the beginning of the twentieth century and discusses key moments in media history from the first wireless broadcast in through to recent developments in digital broadcasting and the internet br Distinguishing broadcasting from other kinds of mass media and evaluating the way in which audiences have experienced the medium Andrew Crisell considers the nature and evolution of broadcasting the growth of broadcasting institutions and the relation of broadcasting to a wider political and social context This fully updated and expanded second edition includes br the latest developments in digital broadcasting and the internet br broadcasting in a multimedia era and its prospects for the future br the concept of public service broadcasting and its changing role in an era of interactivity multiple channels and pay per view br an evaluation of recent political pressures on the BBC and ITV duopoly br a timeline of key broadcasting events and annotated advice on further reading

Rating: 3.77 out of 5

Broadcasting Modernism

Broadcasting Modernism Description:

A very solid and comprehensive collection of essays that allows readers to witness more concretely the variety of forms that the dialogue between literature and the radio has taken in the last century An outstanding book Jean Michel Rabate author of i Jacques Lacan and Literature i br br br br This book is a real gift its variety of essays in different voices provides an opportunity to get up to speed with the sometimes suprising ways that radio helped to structure modernism served as a foil for modernist writers and artists and forced the modernists into a more constructive engagement with issues of elite and popular culture A lively collection Kevin J H Dettmar author of i Is Rock Dead i br br i i br br It has long been accepted that film helped shape the modernist novel and that modernist poetry would be inconceivable without the typewriter Yet radio a key influence on modernist literature remains the invisible medium br br br br The contributors to i Broadcasting Modernism i argue that radio led to changes in textual and generic forms Modernist authors embraced the emerging medium creating texts that were to be heard but not read incorporating the device into their stories and using it to publicize their work They saw in radio the same spirit of experimentation that animated modernism itself br br br br Because early broadcasts were rarely recorded radio s influence on literary modernism often seems equally ephemeral in the historical record i Broadcasting Modernism i helps fill this void providing a new perspective for modernist studies even as it reconfigures the landscape of the era itself br br

Rating: 3.69 out of 5

This Business of Broadcasting

This Business of Broadcasting Description:

This guide provides industry background and career advice in a three part arrangement The first on television covers organizational structures within the networks and stations programming syndication new technology and the structures of cable television The second part on radio focuses programming formats advertising formats advertising

Rating: 3.62 out of 5

Inventing American Broadcasting, 1899-1922

Inventing American Broadcasting, 1899-1922 Description:

Such organizations as AT amp T General Electric and the U S Navy played major roles in radio s evolution but early press coverage may have decisively steered radio in the direction of mass entertainment Susan J Douglas reveals the origins of a corporate media system that today dominates the content and form of American communication

Rating: 3.78 out of 5

Thanks, Johnners: An Affectionate Tribute to a Broadcasting Legend

Thanks, Johnners: An Affectionate Tribute to a Broadcasting Legend Description:

Jonathan Agnew known to his legions of Test Match Special fans as Aggers has at long last written a personal tribute to his late colleague Brian Johnston universally known as Johnners The on air incident in which Agnew s comment on Ian Botham s attempt to avoid stepping on his stumps He just couldn t quite get his leg over provoked prolonged fits of giggles notably from Johnners and was voted in a BBC poll as the greatest piece of sporting commentary ever by of those who responded It is said that traffic on British motorways came to a complete standstill as commuters were forced to stop their cars due to fits of laughter while listening to it on Radio Four This book is an affectionate account of a four year friendship including copious anecdotes from their time together in the commentary box and during their travels overseas Jonathan Agnew comments Brian Johnston was a tremendous influence on my early years at Test Match Special His wit warmth and great sense of fun was not only a feature of his cricket commentary but also in the way he lived his life Our friendship has been immortalized through the leg over incident but there was a much deeper bond between us than merely that hilarious broadcasting classic and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share this with cricket lovers everywhere Aggers on Johnners is the holy grail of cricket books a must have for anyone who loves the noble game

Rating: 3.43 out of 5

Entertaining America: Jews, Movies, and Broadcasting

Entertaining America: Jews, Movies, and Broadcasting Description:

br br Entertaining America is a captivating look at one of the longest running and most provocative public discussions in America the relationship between the nation s Jews and its entertainment media This colorfully written lavishly illustrated book surveys how Jews have participated in and been identified with American movies radio and television from the nickelodeon era at the turn of the twentieth century to the present day br Throughout the tone is lively the design is playful and key points are visually enhanced by stills publicity photos and memorabilia This anthology of original analyses and primary texts covers a wide range of topics including the multiple versions of The Jazz Singer the saga of the Hollywood movie moguls the irrepressible Goldbergs of radio and television fame the representation of the Holocaust how Charlie Chaplin and other non Jewish stars became virtual Jews and the dazzling success of the television series Seinfeld There is also an illustrated gallery of more than twenty Jewish American stars from Theda Bara to Adam Sandler br The principal authors J Hoberman and Jeffrey Shandler examine not only the history of Jews in the industry but also the steady stream of richly varied voices that have had something to say about this history in fan magazines as well as literary fiction by religious and political leaders as well as journalists historians and Jews in the entertainment business themselves br br Entertaining America which accompanies an exhibition opening at The Jewish Museum is itself tremendously entertaining while providing the most expansive authoritative look at this fascinating subject In its pages readers will find ample material to help them formulate their own responses to this frank contentious multilayered discussion br br EXHIBITION SCHEDULE br br The Jewish Museum New York br February September br The Jewish Museum of Maryland Baltimore br October January

Rating: 3.56 out of 5

Broadcasting In India

Broadcasting In India Description:

A comprehensive and analytical account of the development and structure of broadcasting in India this classic text is now into its second edition The book has been extensively revised and updated in the light of three significant developments in the post period namely the cry for media autonomy the screening of epic serials and the onset of the era of the VCR and cable television

Rating: 3.70 out of 5

Power Without Responsibility: The Press, Broadcasting, and New Media in Britain

Power Without Responsibility: The Press, Broadcasting, and New Media in Britain Description:

Widely regarded as the standard book on the British Media this authoritative introduction to the history sociology theory and politics of media and communications studies has been substantially revised and updated to bring it up to date with developments in the media industry Its three new chapters describe the battle for the soul of the internet the impact of the internet on society and the rise of new media in Britain In addition it examines the recuperation of the BBC how international and European regulation is changing the British media and why Britain has the least trusted press in Europe

Rating: 3.80 out of 5

Unforgettable Fire: Pictures Drawn by Atomic Bomb Survivors

Unforgettable Fire: Pictures Drawn by Atomic Bomb Survivors Description:

A collection of drawings depicting survivors memories of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima in br Preface br Hiroshima on that day br The bomb amp I br Bomb flash A M br What I saw on that day br The enflamed city br Where is my child Where is my wife br Hands of help br The city of the dead br The pictures about the atomic bomb br Index

Rating: 3.53 out of 5

Sports Broadcasting

Sports Broadcasting Description:

A uniquely comprehensive text Sports Broadcasting emphasizes the skills that students will need in order to be successful in the industry With extensive coverage on reporting anchoring and production this text offers thorough and effective descriptions of the sports reporter and anchor s function in a broadcast environment Going beyond the essential skills Sports Broadcasting also offers important historical background on the evolution of the sports industry some grounding in the business of sports and a discussion of social issues including the experience of women in sports and sports broadcasting Covering all aspects of sports broadcasting this text features reporting writing leads style tricks of the trade shooting on location editing producing live event production ethics and resume tapes as well as tips on seeking employment in the industry

Rating: 3.51 out of 5

Only Connect: A Cultural History of Broadcasting in the United States

Only Connect: A Cultural History of Broadcasting in the United States Description:

ONLY CONNECT is a comprehensive history of American broadcasting from its earliest days in radio through the rise of television to the current era of digital media and the Internet It presents broadcasting as a vital component of American cultural identity placing the development of U S radio television and new media in the context of social and cultural change Each chapter opens with a discussion of the historical period thoroughly traces the development of media policy the growth of media industries and the history of U S broadcast programming and closes with a look at the major ways that radio and television have been understood and discussed throughout American history

Rating: 3.58 out of 5

Communications and Broadcasting

Communications and Broadcasting Description:

The Milestones in Discovery and Invention se ries books trace the development of innovations and inventio ns that have contributed significantly to society Each book is packed with fascinating information on key aspects of ea ch discovery

Rating: 3.38 out of 5

The Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting: Creating Alternative Media

The Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting: Creating Alternative Media Description:

Concentration of the media has reached new heights making it harder for alternative and critical voices to gain a hearing The recent billion merger of Time Warner and AOL is just one of many signs of the narrowing of information sources Market pressures have also encroached on the original mission of public broadcasting which was to provide a voice for groups that may otherwise be unheard br br Yet around the country creative journalists and activists are creating more democratic informative and engaging media Whether they are working to defend and expand democratic access to existing media or building their own media alternatives through the radio television or the World Wide Web they are pioneering new ways of sharing information In the i Decline and Fall of Public Broadcasting i David Barsamian gives an insider s account of these new media activists and the challenges they confront drawing on his years of experience in public radio Since Barsamian has been the producer of the highly acclaimed Alternative Radio a weekly one hour public affairs program broadcast in North America Europe South Africa and Australia as well br br as short wave radio and the Internet br br b David Barsamian b is the producer of the award winning syndicated radio program Alternative Radio His interview books with luminaries such as Noam Chomsky Howard Zinn and Edward W Said have sold in the hundreds of thousands His most recent interview book is i Propaganda and the Public Mind Conversations with Noam Chomsky i South End Press He is also the author of i Eqbal Ahmad Confronting Empire i South End Press br br Also Available by David Barsamian br br i i Propaganda and the Public Mind Conversations with Noam Chompsky br br TP CUSA br br i i Eqbal Ahmad Confronting Empire br br TP ISBN CUSA

Rating: 3.73 out of 5


Broadcasting Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Sports Broadcasting

Sports Broadcasting Description:

Just seconds left they bring the ball upcourt heres the shot its good Game winner Any sports fan knows the excitement of watching or listening to sports The people who create those shows behind the microphone or behind the scenes are part of an exciting profession They combine talent technical and business knowledge and a love of sports to fill the airwaves year round Whether you have a great radio voice a face made for TV or just want to be where the sports action is find out more about sports broadcasting inside Whether broadcasting is your game or not if you want to stay in sports Careers Off the Field is for you Every book shows you ways to combine your passion for sports with a way to make sports your career even if youre not putting on a uniform Each title in this series contains color photos charts showing salaries for career areas tips on key educational steps toward the career and back matter including an index further reading lists for books and internet resources and a series glossary Mason Crests editorial team has placed Key Icons to Look for throughout the books in this series in an effort to encourage library readers to build knowledge gain awareness explore possibilities and expand their viewpoints through our content rich non fiction books Key Icons are as follows Words to Understand are shown at the front of each chapter with definitions These words are then used in the prose throughout that chapter and are emboldened so that the reader is able to reference back to the definitions building their vocabulary and enhancing their reading comprehension Sidebars are highlighted graphics with content rich material within that allows readers to build knowledge and broaden their perspectives by weaving together additional information

Rating: 3.43 out of 5

Zombie Simpsons: How the Best Show Ever Became the Broadcasting Undead

Zombie Simpsons: How the Best Show Ever Became the Broadcasting Undead Description:

By almost any measurement The Simpsons is the most influential television comedy ever created It has been translated into every major language on Earth and dozens of minor ones it has spawned entire genres of animation and had more books written about it than all but a handful of American Presidents Even its minor characters have become iconic and the titular family is recognizable in almost every corner of the planet It is a definitive and truly global cultural phenomenon perhaps the biggest of the television age br br As of this writing if you flip on FOX at pm on Sundays you will see a program that bills itself as The Simpsons It is not The Simpsons That show the landmark piece of American culture that debuted on December went off the air more than a decade ago The replacement is a hopelessly mediocre imitation that bears only a superficial resemblance to the original It is the unwanted sequel the stale spinoff the creative dry hole that is kept pumping in the endless search for more money It is Zombie Simpsons

Rating: 3.46 out of 5

Wisconsin on the Air: 100 Years of Public Broadcasting in the State That Invented It

Wisconsin on the Air: 100 Years of Public Broadcasting in the State That Invented It Description:

On a wintry evening in university professor Earle Terry listened with guests as the popular music of the day filtered from a physics laboratory in Science Hall into a receiving set in his living room Little did they know that one hundred years of public service broadcasting had just begun Terry s radio experiment blossomed into a pioneering endeavor to carry out the Wisconsin Idea a promise to make the university s knowledge accessible to all Wisconsinites in their homes statewide a Progressive era principle that still guides public broadcasting in Wisconsin and throughout the nation In television was added to this public service model with Channel in Madison produced like radio from the University of Wisconsin campus By when the Public Broadcasting Act created the Public Broadcasting System PBS and National Public Radio NPR the Wisconsin stations had been broadcasting for fifty years A history one hundred years in the making i Wisconsin on the Air i introduces readers to the personalities and philosophies the funding challenges and legislation the original Wisconsin programming and pioneering technology that gave us public radio and television Author Jack Mitchell who developed i All Things Considered i for NPR before becoming the head of Wisconsin Public Radio deftly maps public broadcasting s hundred year journey by charting Wisconsin s transition from the early days of radio and television to educational broadcasting to the news information and music of Wisconsin Public Radio and Wisconsin Public Television

Rating: 3.37 out of 5

Living On Air: Adventures in Broadcasting

Living On Air: Adventures in Broadcasting Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.36 out of 5

The Economics of Sports Broadcasting

The Economics of Sports Broadcasting Description:

Sports now constitute one of the most valuable forms of broadcast entertainment in today s lucrative international market This textbook explains the economics underlying the sports broadcasting phenomenon br br The specific regulatory culture governing sports broadcasting means that the financial economy of this area has many unique features em The Economics of Sports Broadcasting em provides an accessible detailed introduction to all aspects of economics in this fascinating area br br The book contains a wealth of textbook features and has been written and designed to facilitate student learning It includes br br br br br br questions of ownership trade and commodity in sport the historical context for contemporary sports broadcasting the key players viewers TV channels sponsors clubs event owners and authorities the regulations governing televised sport the international context for broadcast sport competition and game theory in sports broadcasting sports broadcasting s changing landscape of ownership and supply channels br br br This book will be useful for courses in media and broadcasting economics sport management and sports development

Rating: 3.26 out of 5

Volume 3: Broadcasting Architecture

Volume 3: Broadcasting Architecture Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.76 out of 5

Broadcasting Debate (Broadcasting Debate Monographs)

Broadcasting Debate (Broadcasting Debate Monographs) Description:

No description available

Rating: 3.79 out of 5

Queer Airwaves: The Story of Gay and Lesbian Broadcasting: The Story of Gay and Lesbian Broadcasting

Queer Airwaves: The Story of Gay and Lesbian Broadcasting: The Story of Gay and Lesbian Broadcasting Description:

This book is both a retrospective history of the gay community s use of electronic media as a way of networking and creating a sense of community and an examination of the current situation an analysis and critical assessment of gay lesbian electronic media Keith and Johnson use original interviews and oral history to delineate the place of electronic media in the lives of this increasingly visible and vocal minority in America

Rating: 3.36 out of 5

Radio Voices: American Broadcasting, 1922-1952

Radio Voices: American Broadcasting, 1922-1952 Description:

In Radio Voices Michele Hilmes looks at the way radio programming influenced and was influenced by the United States of the s s and s tracing the history of the medium from its earliest years through the advent of television

Rating: 3.79 out of 5

Cold War Broadcasting

Cold War Broadcasting Description:

Examines the role of Western broadcasting to the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe during the Cold War with a focus on Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty It includes chapters by radio veterans and by scholars who have conducted research on the subject in once secret Soviet bloc archives and in Western records It also contains a selection of translated documents from formerly secret Soviet and East European archives most of them published here for the first time

Rating: 3.52 out of 5