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Pavane Description:

In the year Queen Elizabeth was assassinated That single tragedy set off a whole series of events resulting in the Spanish Armada s defeat of England and subsequent demise of Protestantism Now it s the th century and the Church of Rome reigns supreme People live a pastoral existence of guilds and farming with technology held back to the level of the steam locomotive and primitive radio Still science cannot be held back forever a revolution is building

Rating: 3.30 out of 5


Anita Description:

Meet Anita Thompson she s young she s lovely she s clever and she s a witch A real one br br Anita lives in two worlds the modern world of supermarkets and sports cars radio and rock amp roll where she is a thoroughly modern girl with a thoroughly modern interest in boys and fast living and her own independence But the ancient and rustic world of traditions cauldrons and familiars where she and her Granny a witch of the Old School broom and all invoke elemental spirits int he service of Him Wot s Down Under She has senses no ordinary mortal can imagine at least nine with them she can hear the voices of every creature of the night She can changer her shape call a drowned corpse from a lake reverse the flow of time and ride the Sea Serpent there s only the one you know always has been always will be deep into the ocean in the company of a mermaid even though the modern world is trying to crowd aside and even change that world of witchcraft and magic Yet complicated as a young witch s life may become Anita never loses her sense of fun or her essential innocence br br When the Anita stories first appeared in Science Fantasy and The Magazine of Fantasy amp Science Fiction in the late s they were immediately recognized as a strikingly original departure for the author of such celebrated works as Pavane One critic called the original collection of these stories a treasure This new volume presents the stories in the author s corrected definitive texts a new introduction by the author and an additional story which did not appear in the first edition

Rating: 3.51 out of 5


Kiteworld Description:

The Realm of Kiteworld has survived nuclear catastrophe and is governed by a feudal and militant religious oligarchy the Church Variant br br In the outer Badlands real or imagined Demons are kept at bay by flying defensive structures of giant interlocking Cody kites piloted by an elite and brave Corps of Observers br br Through a series of i Kite i stories we are drawn compellingly into a strange but recognizable world where loyalty to the Corps is everything and non conformity a sin Keith Roberts depicts the fortunes passions and failings of his characters against this background of a fragile and superstitious society As the fanatical Ultras embark on a religious campaign of destruction the Realm starts to disintegrate fast br br

Rating: 3.76 out of 5

The Furies

The Furies Description:

They are called the Keepers and the thing they guard so jealously is not material in the way that humans understand the word It has volume but no shape mass but no size

Rating: 3.40 out of 5

The Chalk Giants

The Chalk Giants Description:

It s the eve of the th century s final conflict But Stan Potts is ready for Armageddon In his Austin Champ specially equipped with his own unique survival kit he heads for Corfe Castle the Purbecks amp the girl of his dreams It s to be an eventful journey This latest amp most ambitious novel by Keith Roberts is both the story of one lonely man amp a compulsively readable account of a civilisation s catastrophe amp the clawing up to a new social order Across Potts gaze pass the ravaged survivors the mutant genius born outside his time the villagers of the new stone age with their credulous sexually complex lives the iron age horsemen the terror of the sea borne marauders Finally after the pillage the cruelty of superstition the fragility of love amp its horrific consequences the story leaps from the Dark Ages into a new awareness amp Stan Potts tale is told Dream or reality Future or racial memory Forecast or myth Every reader will pass his own verdict on this uniquely challenging book But all will agree that The Chalk Giants is st amp last a stunning feat of story telling a worthy successor to Pavane amp The Boat of Fate by an acknowledged master of the genre

Rating: 3.70 out of 5

The Grain Kings

The Grain Kings Description:

Contents br Weihnachtsabend br The White Boat br The Passing of the Dragons br The Trustie Tree br The Lake of Tuonela br The Grain Kings br I Lose Medea

Rating: 3.54 out of 5

Pike and Shot Tactics 1590–1660

Pike and Shot Tactics 1590–1660 Description:

Throughout the th century large parts of Europe were depopulated during wide ranging and savage wars of religion and dynasty involving all of the major powers These included the Dutch Spanish wars of independence The Thirty Years War and the English Civil Wars This was the key period in the development of modern infantry tactics incorporating the use of pole arms and muskets together hence the popular expression pike and shot Although cavalry participated in such conflicts it was the infantry that was the decisive arm Such infantry tactics involved different national schools on thought and practice tested bloodily in great battles br br Keith Roberts is a respected expert in this field who draws on extensive knowledge of original manuals of tactics to create a revealing study of the period This volume will be both attractive to wargamers and worthy of serious academic attention

Rating: 3.75 out of 5

Molly Zero

Molly Zero Description:

In an England two hundred years hence all children are brought up in single sex creches the Blocks Molly Zero young and intelligent resilient and loving is a product of the Blocks and is destined for the Elite the governing body of a country now crippled by martial law When Molly rebels and escapes she finds a new way of life in a small town then with an eccentric band of travelling gypsies and finally as a middle class terrorist br br i Cover illustration by David O Connor i br br

Rating: 3.64 out of 5

The Boat of Fate

The Boat of Fate Description:

The Roman Empire in its death throes provides the background for this historical novel that recreates the experiences of one man trying to cope with his changing world The time is an age of violence and disintegration when the old values of Imperial Rome are under attack from all sides from the outside by waves of Goths and Vandals and from within by the followers of a fanatical new Eastern sect who worship the Christos In the midst of the chaos is Sergius Paullus a young Roman whose spirit is as troubled as the Empire From childhood Sergius dreams of the glory of being a soldier but instead must be content with schooling and the games of children Finally his impetuous nature prods him to an act of rebellion that changes his life Forced to leave home he embarks of a trail of adventure that leads from the tenements of Rome to a series of military escapades in Hispania Rome and Gaul and ultimately to a climactic battle in Britannia where Sergius leads a doomed resistance to the barbarians

Rating: 3.46 out of 5

Machines and Men

Machines and Men Description:

A collection of ten science fiction stories br

Rating: 3.34 out of 5